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Hillary  Chaves

What an adventure!!! My advice for an 800 mile drive is to leave the Model T in the garage and take a Lexus!!!


Vladimir - Thanks so much for sharing your journey to Stowe. I enjoyed the photos and story. I hope you can make it back to Stowe again!


Vladi! Its great to see you and Erica!! Hope you remember me from my days @ Kagan. Congrats on the new showroom in Istanbul! My regards to Erica.

Kevyn Hagemann

Seeing an original Ford Model T in good running condition warms my heart. My dad owns the same model. However, his Model T got neglected and now it sits decaying in our farm. I would definitely want to restore it to its former glory, if only I have the money and the will to do so.

CGS intake

I love your blog, you always talk about your love for classic and vintage cars. You also set out on great adventures and being with your classics.

CGS cat back exhaust

You are still active and so enthusiastic about cars. You have done quite a lot of expoloring not just on your adventures but also on your cars.

promoter hostess

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Dealership Penciling

The car is old but still it breaks a leg. How inspiring!

Boyd Sorenson

Dear Sir:
I'm trying to find someone on line that I can ask some questions about my 1917 Model T. Can you be of any help?

Timmy Radloff

Oh, that is so cute! I miss my grandparents, especially my granpa. He loves to collect classic cars too. just like that granpa in the pictures

vintage car restoration

That is such a priceless beauty!

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Wow, it's a rare and awesome experience to see cars like these. I bet riding those vehicles would make you feel like you went back in time. The red car looks cute! :D I smiled when I read that it has a Mother-in-law's seat for catching bugs and dusts. LOL.

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