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Happy new year from a stupid fool computer literate and yet right brained diva from the West.
I love your blogs, Vladi and miss you both.
I didn't know of Erica's interest in Colin Wilson! He is a good friend and I published 3 of his books!
Well, enjoy the Florida winter. We are in beautiful Ojai and it's pouring rain but so verdant and the trees are full of oranges and tangerines!

Love you and hope we get to see each other in 2011.

Lowell Van Vechten

Dearest, dearest "dumb" and "stupid"...your New Year's greeting was Brilliant!!! And, as always with the two of you, original, witty, to the point, charming, and a painful reminder of how very much we miss you!! It also sounds like Jay and myself...(scary but true), we are similar in so many ways! Give us a call when you make your annual trek to Palm Beach and we'll venture "North" to see you both!
As ever, with much, much love, xoxoxoxoxo Lowell

Katrina Scott-George

Hilarious and wonderful! Thanks for blogging, I enjoy reading your posts, and looking at your photos. Wishing you the best.


mul?umiri foarte interesant,

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