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we are a furniture company from Indonesia. you are a very good group for the advancement of furniture in your country. good luck for your group

Jonas David

Those are very beautiful furniture, I like the Scott Grove’s veneering technique, it's sooo cool! Hopefully, this Furniture Society's would be success.

Hospitality Furniture

I to do !!

Rustic furniture

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Nice blog, you can find some more Italian Contemporary Furniture here.

Home Interior Design Ideas

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luxury bedroom furniture

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They have a extremely beautiful furniture's out there.


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ugg knightsbridge

I love that drawing! It reminds me of that old TV show (might still be going actually..) in North America called The Big Comfy Couch. Definitely need on of those at home!

Woodworking project plans

Woodworking at home can be a fun and rewarding experience.

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I am always so impressed with the classic design and details in your cards! I have to laugh when you say they are "simple!" Thanks for your attention to detail and sharing it with us! Happy summer!

Wholesale Suppliers

I think such meetings help the people of same interest to share their ideas and views so that they can produce something new with innovation

Critelli Fine Furniture

Beautiful, creative, intuitive ...


Some great designs. The zig-zag chair is truly one of a kind!

St. John's Furniture

These were some great examples of very unique and innovative designs!

Cat Furniture

Most of the furniture works have been given from the collection to museums...

Margaret Lindsay Holton

Nice overview Vladimir

I had an Anonymous item in the 'Silent Auction' - anyone guess what that was?

Formerly 'retired' now from furniture - i MISS it mucho and still revel in some of the great projects I did 'on commission'. I've still got speculative drawings that SOMEDAY I hope to manifest - but for now, furniture is something I look at and enjoy. Skill is what I look for, and there are ample examples of that here. Though I am a bit surprised that there is so little 'respect' paid to the forefathers/mums of the craft/trade.

If interested, check out my work here -

http://canadadaphotography.blogspot.com - search under the tab - CanadianFineFurniture by mlh


Vladimir, this a very nice blog with unique pieces.

Fitzroy the construction guy

Vladimir, Love your blog. I admired unique furniture and the pieces you displayed renewed my interest in furniture making.

Carlos Gallego

Wow, it such a great and one of a kind furniture designs. I love the concept of each furnitures shown in the pictures.


Furniture  is the mass noun for the movable objects intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above the ground, or to store things. Storage furniture such as a nightstand  often makes use of doors, drawers, shelves and locks to contain, organize or secure smaller objects such as clothes, tools, books, and household goods.

Custom Remodelers

Very good points you wrote here..Great stuff...I think you've made some truly interesting points.Keep up the good work.

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