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Hillary  Chaves

Sounds like a very interesting afternoon. Not surprising that the differences of opinion were more civil than congress. Architects and designers have taste and vision, a commodity sadly lacking in congress.
By the way, you look great in the photo.

Pete Morrison

"Even I confessed, that I am no longer a minimalist." Don't give up on minimalism in design! The true beauty of minimalism is the artful rendering of stunning materials. And in nearly all cases minimalism does a better job than classic architecture of focusing on what its made of, rather than its shape. Your pictures attest to that. Minimalism loses luster when materials are not carefully considered, or one attempts to take a modern approach as the cheap way out.

Peter Aiken

A terrific design slide show and I enjoyed the smooth progressions. But how come the photos of the other red-eyed people at the seminar were so unattractive compared to the Hollywood-ish shot of glamorous Erica and Vladi? Looks a bit like a stacked deck to me.

Ashlee Harrison

So it seems like your presentation and panel discussion was a HUGE hit! Congrats Vladi!

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I don't know. The daodejing passage you quote seems like pure spirituality to me. The relaxed immersion in whatever it is you face, no matter how horrific, exciting or yawn-inspiring. Water ebbing in all those places.

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Finally comes the moment when the sun, reaching the lowest trajectory for three days rises from the same point. It was this station, along with the long nights and short days, was considered in ancient ideology, as the death of lights... Good things...

casio pathfinder

that’s a damn good checklist! any chance you could make it into a pdf for us all?

stick wars

Nice one, might come in handy in the near future

Miami Office Space

wow I honestly have to say that I love your designs they make me crazy, If I had a house like that I probably will buy those Kagan Omnibus Sofas, oh my, congratulations you are a very talented person


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Awesome pictures, specially the type writers, I remember my father using one of those when I was only a kid.

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