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That was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful live affair. I shall never forget being in her presence. With both of you together it was a dance to behold.
I feel Vladimir that she will hold you as a puppet with strings from above. And never let you fall.

All our thoughts of healing to you

Amy and Griffin Manning

Hillary  Chaves

Beautiful and moving tribute. You two had a relationship that few have enjoyed.
You were so much a part of each other. It was a beautiful thing to behold and she lives on in all of our hearts.
Hillary Chaves

Neil Hoyles

It's Impossible to imagine a summer without Erica eagerly waiting for you to return from the Saturday races.

maldives tours

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peggy bass

i never met erica but what she gave the world was amazing...i know you will miss her terribly...peg in ks

Sarah Treco

Erica was a very special woman, and the two of you always made an amazing and vital pair. You are iconic elements of my childhood memories. I am going to take a few of your words away with me - your insights into love: camaraderie, openness, curiosity, and the lovely thought that the solution to a two sided argument 'may well be a third side'. Much love, Sarah

alicia bradford

Sublime bliss and LOVE is the only way I can think to describe the look on your faces...what a wonderful gift that photo is for you and your family


my condoleance,

I felt very sad reading this but after giving it some thought you gave eachother a "perfect" life.
It was always a joy to follow the adventures you two undertook, guess everything ends eventualy :s

Hope she went in peace without pain.

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